Iceland 2016

We have recently returned from Iceland where we were fortunate enough to witness and experience natural phenomena and winter landscapes that are just not possible in Australia. From snow drifts to frozen waterfalls, fine black basalt sand beaches and icebergs on the shore, Iceland is very special. However, for 2 down under photographers where the Aurora Australis is an infrequent and transient occurrence, the undoubted highlight was experiencing the Aurora Borealis in all its grandeur. Our sincere thanks to Alister Benn and Juanli Sun for their insight, humour and generosity of spirit. They have a unique take on the art and philosophy of photography which is very worth sharing.

Iceland 2016 from Light and Motion Photography on Youtube.

Images, Video and Time Lapse: Andy Ly and Alvin Ing, Light and Motion Photography
Music: "Wonderful Life" - Tina Cousins

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