Australian Formula 1 GP - March 24-27, 2011

Andy and Alvin will be attending this event next week, the AGP being the highlight of the year for motor sport fans in Australia. Alvin has a number of acquaintances taking part in the support races and will be involved in photographing these events.

For the sporting photographer, there are many excellent vantage points with easily accessible trackside positions at all the important corners. In addition, there is reasonable access to the pits during the pit lane walks. There is however one proviso - be able to confidently shoot through that omnipresent wire fence. Here are some hints we have published earlier:

Motion in Motorsport

We have seats in the Prost and Schumacher Stands which has clear views of the last 2 corners, and allows for excellent action shots including panning images of drifting cars. There is also good access to another 2 corners just outside these stands.

If there are any followers of Light and Motion who are attending, drop us a line, and we will look forward to meeting up.

Here are some images from last year, including our Aussie favourite and his team mate, the 2010 World Champion.

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