Vision and Hope

I had intended to write a short piece on our recent experience in Central Province, Sri Lanka, where the main purpose of the trip was to visit the International Children’s Care Village just outside Kandy. That we were deeply touched by the resilience and strength of character of the children, many of whom were from backgrounds of adversity that we could never imagine, goes without saying. To be overwhelmed by their generosity of spirit and optimism speaks volumes about the organization that cares for them. However, to adequately express this in words is beyond my ability. Instead, I have chosen to let some of our images convey this. Look at the faces of the children, and they will speak for themselves.

If you feel inclined, you can read about the individual child’s background on the International Children’s Care website - ICC Australia .

Vision and Hope from Light and Motion Photography on Youtube.

Images: Alvin Ing, Light and Motion Photography. Last image courtesy of Arthur Wong.
Music: “In the Sun” – Michael Stipe and Chris Martin. Coldplay Live at Austin City Limits.
Written by Joseph Arthur.

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