GPS Data Logging

One of the additional pieces of technology I took on the recent tour to Yunnan and Sichuan, China was a GPS data logger (GP-E2) attached to the hotshoe of my 1dx. Given the remote locations we were shooting in, and the difficulty in reading maps in a language which I was a novice at best, it was invaluable in recording our shooting locations.

Canon does make a GPS data logger specifically for the 1dx (GP-E1) which attaches to a dedicate port, freeing the hotshoe, but unfortunately it is not possible to attach this satisfactorily with a Really Right Stuff L-bracket attached. Yes you can extend the RRS bracket to fit the GP-E1, but the setup becomes much less compact and clumsy to handle. Since I had don’t use flash or other ancillaries that require the hotshoe, the GP-E2 was ideal for my landscape setup.



For example this is where I shot "Another Love" - Mianzimu; The rooftop of our hotel:

GPS Location here

This is where I took the most recent image posted - "Baima Snow Mountain"

GPS Location here

Location of “Duoyishu”

GPS Location here

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