Peace On Earth

As Christmas and the New Year approaches for 2014/15, we like to wish Peace and Goodwill to all. Australia has been shaken by recent events, but our spirit has also been lifted by the camaraderie and support shown for one another in the aftermath.

In uncertain times some may look to the skies for an answer, and in every culture, from prehistoric to the modern day, the stars have played a key role in inspiring and shaping human efforts to both understand and connect with the universe we live in. For Hawaiian navigators, the star Sirius was "Hokuho'okelewa'a," or the "star to guide canoe". Aboriginal Australians looked at the Magellanic Clouds and saw distant campfires in the sky. Shooting stars were returning spirits. In the Christian faith, Christ was often referred to as the Morning Star, providing light in the darkness before dawn. Stars are often considered as symbols for eternity, a fixed constant in the sky throughout history, as well as representing purity and peace.

Peace on Earth from Light and Motion Photography on Youtube.

Images: Andy Ly and Alvin Ing, Light and Motion Photography
Music: “A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay

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