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concert photography

Canon 5DSR Review - Initial Thoughts

Would you recommend this for concert photography, especially in a low light conditions

Reply: Alvin Ing


No, the Canon 5DSR is not the best camera for concert photography or low light conditions. Although it is good, its low light capabilities and especially handling of noise is inferior to the 5D Mark III, 1dx and 1dx Mark II. The 5DSR has a high pixel density, and smaller pixels than the other 3 cameras mentioned. As a result it has a little more noise, especially as you ramp up the ISO. In addition its maximum ISO is only 12,800 which is a limitation in low light concerts. I would suggest either the 5d Mk III or the upcoming 5D Mk IV as better options for what you want to do. The Canon 5DS/R cameras are really specialist cameras for landscape photography where most images are essentially shot at ISO100, or studio photography with good lighting.


just wanted to say thanks for the recent help regarding the Zoerk adapter and for the info on your site. Great to see other photographers so willing to take the time help one another its a good change from the dog eat dog reactions that are becoming more so common amongst fellow artist.
Peter Yates

Enquiries on the Zork adapter


I chanced upon your informative and beautiful website while searching on panorama photography for the Canon 17mm f/4L TS-E lens.

May I ask for the Zork adapter that you own, does it allow you to shift the TS-E lens and rotate around the nodal axis to capture panorama shots without parallax error?

I'm not sure if I should get the Zork as I already own the Nodal Ninja. But the problem is, my last attempt to capture a perfect panorama with it failed. This was probably because I shifted the lens without using finding the new nodal point. So I suspect that could be the problem.

I was thinking, with the Zork, does it mean however much I shift the lens, I will always be rotating around the nodal point and hence there will not be any parallax error?

I appreciate any advice you may have for me. Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

Kind regards,
Jason Phua
Jason Phua

Zork TSE adapter

Hi chaps

Read your great A7R reviews and was intrigued by the Zork RSA.

As it mounts towards the front of the lens, have you had any issues with heavier bodies?

The PPL and Hartblei options appear to mount much closer to the rear and look sturdier.

Thanks very much

Mike Anton

Enquiry on Canon 24mm TS-E and Zörk panorama adapter


I was searching for information on using the Canon 24mm TSE II lens for photographing panorama images and I chanced upon your fabulous website! I really enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures you have there. :)

I have tried using the 24mm TS-E II (shift applied) with a Nodal Ninja panorama head.

Unfortunately, the stitch could not be done successfully. I was told for panorama shots, I should not be using the shift function in the TS-E II lens. I have no idea why this is so.

So when you use the Zörk rear shift adapter, can you shift your 24mm TS-E and while rotating it on your tripod, there will be no issues with stitching later on?

Do you need any other accessories other than a normal ballhead?

I just realized you are based in Australia. Do they sell the Zörk adapter in Australia or did you order it directly from Germany? (I am from Singapore.)

I apologize for the many questions that I have. But I sincerely appreciate any help and advice that you can provide me with.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,
Andrew Chan

Wimberley head

I went through he exact same process as you regarding this bit of kit and came up with the same conclusion. Mine supports my Canon EF500mm f4 and does a great job.
Cheers and I am now following your web page - Ray


your work is awesome! Your sky full of stars is simply amazing!
I do wish you had a blog that one could subscribe to. I rarely visit websites, but subscribe to tons of blogs via email

student photography at catc

Great photos.

Funeral for a friend

Absolutely beautiful. Impact more so on me as I was there (Glenorchy) early this year and took some photos from the same point. So, I know what fantastic image you made of the trees. Thank you for showing it here. I learnt something from it.

Gallery - Portfolio
Congrats to this website

Beautiful job on the photos and thanks for the sharing

A7r Shutter Vibration

Gents: Thanks very much for posting your A7r shutter vibration review on FredMiranda forum. This lead me to your interesting website.

I am a junior enthusiast who recently stepped up from point&shoot and began investing ( last August) in the Sony E-Mount system to include NEX 6 and several lenses and now A7r and the three avialable FE lenses. I've also pre-ordered the Tamron 150-600mm along with the Sony LAEA4 adapter.

From all accounts I think shutter vibration might be an issue that I need to address ( particularly with the Tamron) Honestly I don't think I am seeing shutter vibration effects in my current smaller, native lenses setup--and I do some significant pixel peeping in post editing software. But this may change with the Tamron + adapter . On the other hand, there is only so much money to go around and I really don't want to purchase or need the battery pack, L-plates ( I only shot horizontally) and any other specialized tripod attachments/clamps etc only to add weight to my A7r. I'd rather invest in future native lenses. So I'm looking for ideas on how to abate shutter shock otherwise without investing in these additional sundries.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


L Bracket

Thank you for the report regarding landscape photography with the Zeiss 15mm and the canon. It's ever a pleasure to see pictures from Australia.

I'm looking for the L Bracket, are you using the short or the tall? Do you have a reference?

I have found here something similar to your L Bracket.

Thank you

L Plate for A7R

Markins have a camera plate and L plate for the A7R. Order both from the US about 2 weeks before Xmas and they arrived in Australia about 4 working days later.

Haven't tried them yet as still waiting for my Zeiss 35/2.8 (ordered in October), my Metabones EF adapter and my Novoflex adapter so I can use my Contax 28/2.8 & 35-70.
Steve McKenzie

A7R Review

Dear Andy and Alvin.

I enjoyed your review of the A7R. Would you recommend the A7 or the A7R for general photography (family, holidays, events)? I'm leaning towards the A7 with the kit FE lens. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for your reply. I enjoy keeping up with your adventures and especially your wonderful travel photography.
Harry Swann

images in facebook

Hi Andy and Alvin. Firstly I must say I think your work is extraordinary and I follow it constantly. You inspire me to get out and keep taking photos.
I did want to ask something that you may or may not wish to share. How do you get your images to still look so amazing on facebook? Fecebook tends to reduce the quality however yours still stay the same and are small file sizes. I was wondering if you'd share as I'd like to post some images of mine on FB and not lose the quality. I do appreciate your time and any advice you are comfortable sharing.
Thanks Sonia
sonia friedrich

Sony a7R Review

Nice summation and great images!

I too have the a7R and love it to this point. I don't have any FE lens at this time but have been really enjoying using my Canon, Sigma, Tamron and Zamyang lenses via the Metabones adapter.

I also own two Canon 60D's. One standard and one full spectrum modified.

My main use for the a7R will be nightscapes and astro-imaging.
Brian Allan

Heaven and Earth

A moving tribute not just to us and the tour, but to the
families whom we met along our road.

It is truly touching that the
trip has moved you in such a profound way - thank you.
Alister Benn

Long Exposure

Hello, I am studying photography and I chose to study the subject 'Movement'. I came across your website and was immediately inspired by your amazing seascape photographs. I was wondering if you would be able to give any advice on capturing the movement of water using long exposure.

Thankyou for your time,

Jenny Simpson

12 Mile Beach

It is an excellent use of wide-angle lens to amplify the foreground thus providing a visual anchor that draws the viewer's attention. The horizon is perfectly balanced and crisp suggestive of a high pressure system over the ocean. You won't get such a clean line if there's a lot of moisture in the air. The photographer also captured the interesting eddy pattern rolling on the beach head. It's a pity that the photo was taken when it's after sunset. A slightly higher sun would have lit up the foreground boulder enough to highlight its texture giving the scene an eyecatching contrast between the lace-like eddy current and the stub-covered boulder.
David CY Fung

Gillespie Beach

This is what Saloon Photography is. Form meets Atmosphere. The rock in the foreground is pointing towards the sunset serving as a front to back guide for the viewer. The choice of shutter speed is slow enough to turn the wave motion into a web of receding lines that disappear into a roll of foggy sea spray. The sun break through the menacing storm clouds added drama to the already graphical scene. It's unlikely that the sun break is that red in colour unless there were volcanic ashes or large airbourne particles in the atmosphere. But such artitstic exaggeration has been used appropriately to lift the beauty of the scene here. If I manage to get such a shot, I will enter it into the Wild Places category or Pattern in Nature category of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition. It is a dynamical scene with graphical simplicity. Poignant!
David CY Fung


Hi Alvin and Andy,
Yesterday my husband returned from Coolangatta and I've returned today. Our neighhour mentioned that you too are neighbours of ours as he saw you place the amazing photograph of our house with the rainbow perfectly placed over the top into our letterbox. THANK YOU SO MUCH. My husband would like to blow the picture up to frame. It's great. I had a quick look on your facebook and your work is incredible. Thanks again, Donna.
Donna and Dennis