Photography Course 2015 - A Review.

Andy and I have just completed our Photography Course with 16 participants being involved over the past month. The highlights were undoubtedly the 3 field trips to Vivid Sydney, Blue Mountains and The Central Coast. We are proud that all the participants not only improved their technical skills and craft, but also developed their art, with a very impressive display of creativity and vision at our final tutorial earlier this week.

Our focus was on composition, the use of light, and how lessons from the art world might help us develop their application in photography. We also spent a session on understanding how to convey emotion in our images, and techniques to communicate with a visual medium.

We will be putting together a video of the images from the course, and will post this to our “Video” page on this website soon.

Our photo course participants on a night shoot at the Blue Mountains, NSW

Sunset over Grose Valley, Blue Mountains, NSW

Some of our course participant photographing the Argyle Cut, during Vivid Sydney

Sunrise shoot at Bouddi National Park, along the costal walk

Somersby Falls, Central Coast

We thoroughly enjoyed running the course, and had a lot of fun interacting with like-minded individuals who shared a common philosophy of photography. Importantly we were fortunate enough to raise over $3000 for International Children's Care, so congratulations to all involved.

Our course raised funds for ICC projects in Cambodia, including for schools and hospitals in the Kampong Thom Province. You can view the status of our current fund raising efforts by clicking on the image below.

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