2015 in Review - Light and Motion Photography

As 2015 draws to a close, we traditionally like to review our work for the year. It’s a trigger to assess what we did well, what we could have improved upon, what opportunities we missed, and what strategies and paths we should take in the future to allow us to improve our art.

Later on this month, we will choose the images from this year that have the most significance to us, and also perform a self critique of our progress. In the meantime, we have produced this short video that summarizes our photographic endeavours for the year. They include images from Australia, New Zealand, USA, France, Norway and the Netherlands; produced from a variety of situations including our own travels, our photo tours and our photography course.

For a HD version of the video click here

Light and Motion Photography 2015 on Youtube.

Images: Andy Ly and Alvin Ing, Light and Motion Photography
Music: "Alive" Empire of the Sun. From "Ice on the Dune"

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