Brenizer Method

The Brenizer Method is a technique described by Ryan Brenizer, and can be summarised as "Bokeh Panorama". The effect is achieved by using a Telephoto Lens and then stitiching the images together to create a very shallow depth of field. The picture thus looks as if it was shot with a much wider lens.

This below photo of the 3 Elises/Exige is a composite of 16 images, all shot at 100mm and f2.8. 2 rows of 8 images were stitched horizontally and vertically. The result is am image that appears to be shot with a wide angle lens (16mm or so), but without distortion, and at an effective aperture of about f0.7. Such a lens would cost a small fortune.

With the "bokeh panorama" print sizes can be huge, and you can arguably achieve medium format resolution from a 35mm DSLR.

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