Photography Course 2016 - Review

Andy and I completed our Photography Workshop in March this year with 14 participants being involved over the duration of the 4 week course. This year, our emphasis was more on practical tuition in the field rather than in the classroom, with the field trips being held on the weekend, and the subsequent Monday evening class being devoted to image review and critique. We also spent significant time on post processing techniques and workflow.

This worked particularly well given the workshop participants were at an intermediate to advanced level, with a number being previous attendees of our courses. We are proud of the significant progress that each participant made, especially with their creative vision, and how their images revealed their emotional connections to the atmosphere and mood of the landscapes. Their dedication and passion was highlighted by the over 2 hour journey required to reach Kiama on the NSW South Coast, in time for the blue hour pre-dawn images at Cathedral Rocks.

We both enjoy and look forward to taking this workshop every year, and it's wonderful to see our passion shared by so many like-minded photographers. Importantly, we were also fortunate enough to raise $3600 for the Epping Mission Project which supports International Children's Care, so congratulations to all involved.

The Epping Mission Project raises funds for ICC projects in Cambodia, including for schools and hospitals in the Kampong Thom Province. You can view the status of our current online fund raising efforts by clicking on the image below. We were also able to contribute to a successful fund raising night with the auction of 3 framed images, that helped raise a further $9000 for this project.

The Location of our first field trip - Pulpit Rock, Blackheath, Blue Mountains NSW.

Sunstar at Pulpit Rock

Some of our workshop participants on location at our second field trip to Cathedral Rocks, Kiama.

Morning Communion at the Cathedral

"Inside Out" - one of the hidden caves at Cathedral Rocks

Some of our workshop participants on location at our third field trip to Maroubra Beach

"Power and Grace" - Maroubra Beach

Preparing for the Epping Mission Project Auction Night

The Auction that eventually raised over $9000 for International Children's Care

An image that typifies what 2 photographers look like when they are asked to cook

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