Island of Hawai'i - Big Island

We have visited the state of Hawaii three times since 2005, but have spent most of our time on the Island of Oahu.

While the landscapes and surf photography opportunities on Oahu are excellent, what we have been waiting patiently for was an opportunity to take some dynamic volcanic landscape images.

The opportunity has now come with news of a major eruption of the Kilauea volcano in early December 2012.

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Updates of the current activity can be found here:

What’s Going on with the Volcano?

Andy and I have booked our tickets, and will be arriving on the island of Hawaii (Big Island) in mid-January. We plan to fly into Kona airport and drive to Kilauea before trekking to the vantage points. We are particularly keen to have the opportunity for night time images, so will need to trek to the appropriate locations well in advance of sunset to setup.

We’ll both be taking our 16-35 mm lens on full frame cameras, but we will also be carrying some long lens on crop bodies with the aim of capturing some dynamic close up images of an active volcano. For my part, it will be the first outing of the recently acquired 400mm 2.8 IS.

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