Light and Motion Photography is Andy Ly and Alvin Ing. We have shared an interest in photography for many years, and have witnessed the many fads and trends over time. We firmly believe that the essence of photography remains within the mind, and how we use it to interpret both light and motion. We have a passion for landscape and nature photography, with travel being an essential part of seeing, experiencing and becoming enlightened with our world.

Andy also has a specific interest and expertise in Portrait Photography, while Alvin enjoys Sports Photography, particularly motorsport. However, it is Landscape and Nature Photography that moves us most, and we look forward to presenting images and stories that provoke and inspire.

We currently use Sony and Canon bodies with Canon, Sony and Zeiss lens. In our bags at the moments are the A7R IV, A7R III, 5DsR and 1d-X. Our favourite landscape lenses are the Sony 12-24mm f4 G, Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM, Zeiss Distagon 15mm f2.8 and Zeiss Distagon 21mm f2.8.

Andy Ly and Alvin Ing

Alvin is an AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) accredited photographer. More on AIPP accredited photographers and why to use an accredited professional.

Alvin's AIPP Profile is available on the AIPP Search For a Professional website

Alvin is also an invited Getty Images contributor

Alvin at Boat Harbour, NSW, 2013.

Andy at Jökulsárlón